TELIO M.S. 5string fretless

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Maik Schmolke, born in May 1979 in the sign of Taurus. As probably in every middle-class child from this year, his musical career began with the recorder. After this shock was overcome, he dabbled at the age of 12 years on the classical guitar. After a few years break, a new musical home was then in 1996... At the bass in his first band, the "dopey Sadges". Many youth homes made them unsafe, and so he gained his first experience recording studios and live performances with bands, rehearsal rooms. With the former singer of the band, Björn Brei, he makes even today regularly and love to music. At the same time he met Nils Berger and his short term and for the moment only bass teacher Vanja Djujic also the great drummer. Maik Schmolke plays TELIO m.s. 5string fretlees!

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